Who is your favourite cartoon character?

My favourite cartoon character is Tweety. who is your favourite cartoon character?

No one has mentioned Rocky & Bullwinkle either, so I will :slight_smile:

When I was a kid I love tweety bird… She’s cute and all the design of my notebooks or things are tweety bird… And being 22 years old right now, I don’t like cartoons anymore. :slight_smile:

Foamy is my lord and master. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say it’s Garfield and the Tazmanian Devil:)

Okay, Foamy is the king.
Full of squirrely wrath goodness.

Stewie from Familiy Guy :smiley: or Roger from American Dad :lol:

Bugs for me too :slight_smile:

Jerry of Tom & Jerry

My favorite cartoon character is Jerry & Donald Duck.

Can’t believe no-one mentioned Bender!

I was going to say Bugs Bunny, but spikeZ reminded me of Dangermouse. Oh man, he was amazing… We only got the cartoon for a short while here, but it was great.

Are they really cartoon characters though? They are more animated film stars!
Dangermouse for me :slight_smile:

Tom & Jerry

Tasmanian Devil. No one understands the poor guy, he is always getting screwed over cause he is taken as not bright, then he gets pissed off and everyone tells him to cool down, yet those were the same people who brought him to that point.

I’ve watched the cartoon, so I have a good insight on it :slight_smile: I also like Road Runner.

kungfu panda I’d say. It is rather cute and lovely.
Besides that, I still like the squirrel in The Ice Age.

NSFW: Foamy the Squirrel

Foghorn Leghorn

I like deedee and daster both are good.

Tom & Jerry