WHM and


We are using cPanel for years and never tried out other products of the same catagory.
What is your experience?
Which one is more better and reliable?

We are in process of changing WHM because it has problems maintaining Master Resellers and Alfa Resellers accounts.
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I think CPanel is great, so have no desire to move to anything else. WHM is very handy, too. An advantage of using these is that many hosts have them, making it easier to move hosts if you need to.

Unfortunatelly cPanel/WHM does not support Alfa/Master reseller setups.

WHM is really great. If Alfa/Master reseller is the main issue you can choose some well know WHM master reseller plugin such as…WHMPHP , ZamFoo etc

I have been using CPanel ever since I got hooked. The functionality is great and the best part is that there is a huge community that develops add-ons and themes for it.

WHM/cPanel is best control panel for website owners, resellers, system admins to manage the websites as well as for server administration. Basically it is more user friendly and stable software.