White space

How do I remove the white space below these two photos?




Try this

#main-content-left a img {

try vertical-align: middle for the img’s.

Thanks all! It’s now fixed.

Farid’s code will work (make them any kind of block, so also floating them or absolutely-positioning them will work too), but if you need the images to remain inline, noonope’s code will work (set the vertical-align to anything other than “baseline” which is the default).

The gap is from images sitting on the baseline. Being inlines, browsers treat them like text, and baseline leaves a bit of room on the bottom for the dangly letter tails like p and q.

I notice you have border=“0” in your HTML. Since that’s not allowed, fix all your image problems with this CSS code:

img {
vertical-align: bottom; /or whatever/
border: 0;