Which web technology should i use to develop a website like linkedIn?

Hello all,

My team and I were having discussions on which technologies to use to develop our web based portal. Everyone seems to have different opinions and some bring out pretty good points.
What I need to know is if we need to develop a job posting/recruiting online portal where users are capable of customizing their CV’s/Resumes with additional social media functions, which technologies should we use? This is similar to linkedin actually but with extra gadgets which we believe can help the end-user.

Our discussions are about:
Which database structure we should use, definitely a Nosql solution, but which one? Cassandra/hbase/mongoDB ?
the functional language? PHP/node.js/angular.js/react.js/backbone.js?
mobile adaptability? Ionic/ customized android + iOS?
The implementation stage? Docker/build our own data center, servers/ dedicated server on one of the hosting sites?

Now like I said, everyone has a good point of view, but we want another input on it to help us make our final decision.
P.S I don’t know whether i am posting in right category or not.

Thank you in advance.

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It is really helpful but i want more detailed answer. Like if i use PHP or node. JS which is going to take more time and budget.

Which language you want to use please clarify that.:neutral_face:

This is my question :smiley: which language should i use? For a Project like this. Well the link you have provided is kind of convincing me to use JS.

That depends.

What language are your coders most familiar with?
Would PHP and / or Ruby scale adequately for you or might you need something more?
What kind of functionality do you need? eg. threading?

I think most languages can handle most problems, but some are better suited for certain things natively where another language might not be as efficient or require additional modules, more hardware, etc.

It’s a bit like asking which car you should buy…

I would tell you to use the language and tools which you and your team are most familiar with and/or want to learn. Just know that the latter will probably increase the amount of time it takes to complete the project.

Having said that the rave these days is using node with a NoSQL database and front-end driven by a JavaScript framework ie. MEAN stack. Though you could just as easily build this with php, ruby, python, .NET, etc.

The thing I don’t really like about the MEAN stack though it all projects become 2. You have one project which focuses on providing the server-side API and another for the front-end that consumes that API. This can work to your advantage though with a well-rounded team where one part focuses on building the server-side API and another the front-end.

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