Which version of SVG should I learn?

Hello. I want to become proficient with SVG, and was starting to read w3.org’s manual when it occurred to me there are different versions of SVG.

I have heard that SVG2 is supposed to be much improved, but after researching things, it isn’t clear to me when, if ever, it will be done and supported.

So which version of SVG should I learn?

SVG 1.1?
SVG 1.2?
SVG 2?

I hate having to relearn/unlearn things, but it also seems like a waste of time learning something that won’t be widely supported for months or years in the future.


The latest.

But as far as I know, not only is SVG 2 not supported, there isn’t even a guarantee it will be released. (I believe t was “tabled” for several years before coming back to life.)

I think you have done quite good research about SVG.
So, go for the one that you seem is better for you. In
my view, the latest version will be better.

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