Which spam filtering software is the best?

So I’ve had it up to here with spam. I probably waste about 2 hours min. per day dealing with spam.

I tried using spamcop thinking that would get rid of more of the spam, but I think I am just getting more.

I read about Mailwasher & am wondering which spam filter program do you think is the best?

Years ago I tried to use one of them (can’t remember the name), but it couldn’t handle my large amounts of mail & my numerous e-mail accounts which range around 30-40.

I use TB as my e-mail client.



I have found that Thunderbird works better for filtering out spam than any of the other solutions that I tried.

Gmail was good at filtering out spam for me (and was the only program to clear 100% of spam from my inbox but unfortunately did so by removing ALL the emails and not just those that were spam.

I recommend getting a remote spam filtering solution such as what we offer at YourNet Connection. Our definitions are updated hourly. We use high-end anti-spam and anti-virus firewalls to keep your inboxes clean. For more information visit YourNet Connection.

Actually we did a test by adding one of my gmail accounts so that mail passes through my server & gmail & believe it or not, gmail didn’t filter out anything different than my server.

The only improvement is that the mail came to me faster.




For the mail according to me the mozilla thunderbird. it has a spam filter that doesnt need ur intimation to find out junk mail. its an email client.

Good luck!!!

I usually send my 3rd-party email account through a separate gmail account. It’s free, and it does a pretty good job.

Yeh, I don’t think that will work for me. I have way too many e-mail addresses that are my own. Not sure what you mean by “3rd party”. Mine aren’t 3rd party except for my gmail accounts (I have 2.) the rest are my own via my domains.