Which Question Open Source License?

Hi All

If I want to release an application under open source with the following conditions:

  • Everyone can download and use it for free for both commercial and non-commercial purpose.

  • Anyone can alter the code to fit their own needs.

  • It should not allow selling any part of the code without written permission of the author.

Which license should I release it under?

Thanks in advance

You won’t like my choice…I use the one in my signature…otherwise I’ll just go with BSD License.

“use free for commercial” seems to contradict “not allow selling any part of the code without written permission”
What is your general intent?
Do you care more about keeping the code free, or keeping open?

What actually I want is, everyone can use my code for free but if they are making money with my code, they should purchase a license.

Ok - That’s a commercial license where you expose your code. I don’t think you’ll find an OSI (http://www.opensource.org/) license that fits what you’re looking for.