Which Plateform is Effective For Coupons Website?

I have website <snip>. I want to shift my website to another platform. Please suggest me which platform is better wordpress, couponscript or other platform.

I think wordpress is best

wp all the way

definitely word pres

Yes. Wordpress is best

Replies which simply say “WordPress” are really not helpful. Please explain why you are recommending a particular platform, and what your experience is with that and other platforms.

A platform that will grow (you hope it will get big) should be “hand-coded”, on a framework or even from scratch.
Wordpress is for blogs, you can add articles that are SEO friendly. OK! That’s it!
After adding or creating a “coupon plugin” you’ll see that you’ll need more.
As the application is getting bigger, your needs will get bigger.
You’ll need reports, maybe an admin panel for your clients, extending your database (maybe creating some partitions) and others.

If you think just to get done the project, my post will not matter.
Just install wordpress.
If it’s your project and you care about it, think twice :wink:

From my side wordpress is much better than other platform. It has been intended to be simple and trouble-free to use, there is no programming skills necessary and you can login and manage your coupon website from anywhere in the world with its web based admin area.

WordPress is a great blogging platform, although the security concerns worry me. As your website CMS I think it is a poor choice, and I’m concerned that so many agencies build their sites on this platform. There are open source CMS products like Joomla or Drupal. They have their own strengths and weaknesses, but they are also infected by that same Pharma Hack (Joomla and Drupal). My advice would be to choose a good, proprietary CMS product, probably based on safe and secure technology such as Microsoft .Net and MS SQL Server. When you compare the total cost of ownership, they can be more cost-effective than a WordPress based approach, as well as safer, and more easy to use.

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