Which php framework to use

Hello everyone,

I am busy with my design and I am wondering which framework should use to create a nice cms.
Or should I stay with c5 or any other cms.

Note I do not want to use wp or Joomla since that means I need to hack my design again.

Php Frameworks have been previously discussed at length also polls and surveys have been documented:

Try this LINK

Which Php Framework is a personal preference which only you can decide.

I would be tempted to join the framework’s forum, ask a couple of questions and monitor the response.

my bad I knew these topics existed but wanted to get a fresh mind on it.
Still thank you for the awnser.

Usually, with a framework, you have to first decide which one to use, then design the site using the templating engines they support. Or, you make a SPA and only do a REST backend. But, then you need a Javascript templating engine or a framework that supports one.

In other words, no matter what framework you go with, you’re going to end up reworking your design anyway.


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