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Is there a a site that will go through a website and list the terms the site ranks well for. I thought google had something but I can’t find it.



I’m not aware of any tool that does that, and I would imagine it would be pretty difficult (verging on impossible) to reverse engineer those results – it would require the tool to put every word and phrase combination into Google and record all the outcomes, then cross-match that against the URL you put in.

There are various ways to see what people are coming to your site after searching for (eg AWStats, Google Analytics), and there are tools out there that tell you where your site ranks for specific words and phrases (not least by simply going to Google and doing a search), but of course that’s the answer to a different question.

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I found a way you can for Google’s search engine. Go into webmaster tools, look under the “Search queries” / “Query” list and you’ll see “more”. Click on “more”, click on “Avg. position”. At the bottom tight you’ll see “1-100 of xxxx ->”. Keep clicking the right arrow until you see the pages of your that have a high average position.



Thanks Chris, didn’t know about that feature in GWT. That’s going to be very useful.

After you see a term you rank well for, look to the far left and you’ll see the number of times that term was searched for, obviously you would want to work on pages that have terms that 1) rank your site ranks well for to improve ranking and 2) many people are using as a search term. One problem though - verification. If your site is ranking well for a term, type that term into google an see for yourself. G. Webmaster says my site is getting 40,000 impressions anf 320 visits and in position 8 for “ribosomes” - I can’t find my site ranking on google for ribosomes at all.


What are you using to look?


Google page rank toolbar.

Well both Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics shows your websites best performing keywords on Google. I don’t know of any site that would it without having some sort of monitoring setup on your site.

I meant what tool?

I must be missing something. No tool. I went to Google.com, typed in ribosomes, typed in the domain of my site in the browser’s find function and then searched for my domain in the first 20 or so pages google lists for ribosomes. The browser’s find function didn’t find my site in those 25 pages I gave it.


Can you link your site?

What does that mean?

I think you can find your PR after three months because it also based on how much quality backlinks you have got .

It means give us a link to your site. It might help to figure out what’s going on.

As previously mentioned, Google Toolbar is great. If you want to know about the current state of your website, or websites of competitors, you can use www.opensiteexplorer.org