Which one should be deleted H1 tag or Tiltle tag?

One of the SEO analysis tool told me to remove H1 or title tag…, because both are used for the same purpose. But am still confused which I should remove???

I would disagree with the tool, you want both on your page.
Which tool is this?

They are not used for the same purpose. You’re either misunderstanding the tool, or the tool sucks.

The title tag in your page’s head is for labeling the page in the browser, and in search results, but is not seen on the page content itself. The H1 element is the first level heading of a page, and is also useful. It actually appears on the page as a heading.

Both are good, and should be carefully and accurately worded.


hello, please check this url of my blog http://www.tips2secure.com and tell me that is there any mistake I have done with my page…regarding H1 and title tag.
I shall be thankful if you do this for me.

The title tag seems fine.

You’ve just created an H1 tag and hidden it off page. Why would you do that?

Also… I know you didn’t ask, and there are other issues that could be pointed out, but the most glaring one is… why is there a marquee on your page in 2015(6)?

I think because he’s using a logo image to display the title, but maybe the img should be in the h1.

Actually, I had added one of my promotional post at the top of page using marque tag to rotate that post to attract the attention of visitors. But now I have deleted that post. So, I think now issue of marque tag is solved now. Please check it once.

Secondly, I don’t know how to unhide the H1 tag. I am using a predesigned template. Would you please guide me how to show H1 tag?

I have also removed logo from title, please check it once again.

I have sorted all of my issues. please check it once and verify the changes I made. Now, is it my site ok with Title and H1 tag or not???

It is quite common to have a logo in your header, but I was thinking recently about what is the best way to do it, when the logo is an image depicting text, rather than actual text, because you want it to be machine readable, for both accessibility and crawler readability. Is the alt attribute alone enough for h1, or should you have the text too, and if so, how do you hide it?
I have something like that here, an image logo in the h1 plus a text version, but hidden via css (0 height with hidden overflow).
But I was thinking, there was an old “black-hat” method where people would add a load of keyword stuffed text to a page, then hide it. But Google is wise to that and sees it as black-hat.
I did wonder if they if they can distinguish between that and something more innocent and well intentioned like this. Perhaps I’m over thinking minor things.

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