Which one is the best hosting company now-a-days?

I need to purchase a hosting for an Amazon niche site. I will take hosting service for 3 years.Which one is the best hosting company now-a-days?

VPS (Virtual Private Servers), which are best suited if you are starting up your business and want all the features of a server in comparatively low cost. I have used Go4hosting for around 4 years.


I am new in this forum, but I already worked with more than 5-6 companies who provide the hosting service. I think Blue Host or Host Getoris are the best hosting provider companies these days.

If you can manage your own web services, a VPS is the best way to go. If you can’t or don’t wish to, pick up shared hosting from any of dozens of companies. I’d personally recommend a non-EIG company (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endurance_International_Group), as they own half of the bigger hosting companies and are, in my opinion, not worth working with.


Shared Hosting: iPage, a2hosting
VPS (UnManaged): DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode
VPS (Managed): Linode (They provide managed service too)
Dedicated: Do not know. Never tried any.

There are many web hosting companies like hostgator, cloud ways, and eukhost. I use eukhost for my personal website and it is working perfect for my personal website.

Nowadays, lots of Hosting companies are available and all are varies with price and period of hosting you want, as per my opinion Godaddy is best now.

As per my experience , I just few months before bought hosting from Host Surf UK, they have good quality web hosting and even the pricing is good.

Depends on your system requirements, location, etc. However, if you’re somehow familiar with the hosting services, VPS is surely better solution then a shared hosting to host your application. Moreover, if you take VPS with some popular and easy-to-manage control panel e.g. cPanel, that would much improve your hosting experience.
From the vast number of great hosting providers, as by my personal experience, I’d definitely recommend Hosting by Euro-Space as one of the best and reliable hosts, with exceptional 24x7 technical support and great performance servers. Affordable prices, uptime and money back is guaranteed.

I think Godaddy is best option for now.

Why do you think that, @rakeshpatidar30? Simply naming a company is not at all helpful. Please explain why you think GoDaddy would best suit @pacifistceo’s needs.

i am using Bluehost from last 3 years, i think it is the best option for you…!!!

@arvind00557: why do you think it’s the best option for @pacifistceo? On what are you basing your assessment?

To all posters: it is not enough to simply say “I think X is best”. That is of no help to anyone. Please explain the reasons for your opinion. Posts with insufficient information may be deleted as fluff.

Sounds like you’re after shared hosting? If so, I’d recommend SiteGround.


  • Their uptime guarantee is a real guarantee, in that I haven’t monitored any downtime in my four years with them.
  • They have a bunch of handy tools for devs on their GoGeek plan, including Git integration, staging, SSL, built-in CDN, etc. Only other host I know that has features like this is WPEngine, and they start from $29/month.
  • Fast. Noticed an immediate difference in site loading time compared to other hosts I’ve been with.
  • Privately owned. Many hosts ‘sell out’. Their technical support drops as a result and overall performance suffers. SiteGround is private, and better for it, plus they don’t have aggressive upsell of hosting companies that are just trying to milk more revenue. Jeff has spoken to this a little earlier in the thread.

Lastly, SitePoint has teamed up with SiteGround, so you get up to 65% off all SiteGround plans, plus a free year of SitePoint Premium (on any plan).

Hope that helps!


Great that you’ve provided options! I personally don’t know how to manage my own so I’d go for the latter.

I think the question Which one is the best hosting company now-a-days? is a problem. The question is very vague about requirements. I suggest that questions like that should be clarified.

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