Which Mobile phone is best for Me?


I want to which phone is best for me Nokia Or Samsung Mobile and My budget is 15k. So plz tell me which is best option for Me and Why. and U have any mobile cell than plz me suggest.


Wow. You could buy a new car for that. :slight_smile:

We don’t know what your needs are, so it’s unlikely we can provide useful guidance on which is best for you.

you can buy any Galaxy serious of Samsung mobile because they provide good nobiles.

Go with Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos SCH-I589 Dual SIM that might satisfy your budget.

15k lol. Why say that. Can’t go wrong with iphone5

Lots of very vague “which is best for me” questions in this forum lately. And they always lead to useless lists of this or that answers.
I’m going to close the thread.
Be more specific in your questions. And please specify that the 15k is in indian rupees :slight_smile: