Which linux system?

i want to learn and practice the development of php and sql in linux system,but there are too many linux system,i don’t know which one i should choose.who can tell me the best or better linux system to develop php.eg: ubuntu ,centos…any tips would be appreciated.

I dunno what the best is, or even if there is a “best”. They all should run LAMP fine. I’m using Ubuntu for dev if that helps.

It really does depend on your requirements, I’m using Ubuntu for local dev and have a CentOS box online so to speak.

antho…,u are right,it depends on the requirement.now,i want to know which one is popular,and lots of php developers are using,

Ubuntu is most popular these days. So, use this.
You can also try Fedora, my fav linux distribution earlier.

i have take a look at Ubuntu,there are two versions of it,desk-top,and server,which one i should choose.i only want to learn linux and how to develop php on linux system.

You’ll want the desktop, which will come with a window environment, then you’ll have to install apache, mysql, php; plenty of tutorials and howtos for that.