Which is the best

web designing?
graphic designing?
share you comments plz

web design is clearly the best, because its far-reaching scope covers such things as accessibility, usability, functional design, customer motivation, etc. etc. – all of which skills will continue to be needed in the future

graphic design is limited in scope

programming will be less and less in demand in the future (example: how many people really learn javascript in depth versus how to write jquery calls)

seo is already dead

A career should be something you’re passionate in and can make money from. The second part is easier to quantify as r937 has so helpfully done but how about the first…

Are you a creative type who enjoys making things that look great? Or are helpful for people to use? If so, let’s consider design.

Are you a technical type that likes numbers, logic and tinkering to produce an output that offers a great feature? Programming may be evolving with scripting languages fading out but there’s many big applications to work on.

Are you intrigued by motivating people towards an action? Into data and a fan of excel? Then marketing may be for you.

Design, Programming and SEO are worlds apart and while some do them all, it’s shortsighted to look at a tactic of today as a career. Web / design will be dramatically different in 5 years let alone 35.

Identify your passion first. Then see what will make you money with it.

nothing is best unless you like it…there are lots of options where we can go but we choose the field in which we are interested and have good future scope…so nothing is good or bad.its your interest which make it good…so do what you enjoy doing …

I think these all things have good earning as a carrier. These days you need to have knowledge of all these things. I was doing seo job in dubai but now i have to search job again. Everyone here wants graphic designing with website designing, web development and SEO.

Its up to you … which you can do easily ! and i think web designing is best ( I done web designing course) & now am learning Seo

web designing is best if you are creative and have a dream of becoming a freelance web designer someday (its easy)
graphic designing? (same theory)
programming? if you love coding and will stick to it for years, as coders after 5-8 years start getting bored and move to management or business analyst kind of roles.

SEO? fastest growing field these days, but not sure about its future as google don’t recommend it and will try to minimise the effect of seo in future.

SEO isnt something you would want a career in, its not going to exist 10 years from now. Or not on the scope it is.

Web Sites as far as I can see will always be needed as long as the internet works. Same with programming.

But just as SEO will change into some other sort of optimization [perhaps FEO… facebook engine optimization], what you code in and what websites do will evolve. It’s not so much the field as your ability to adapt and grow with it… Cars are still built in the same numbers but people who machined them 30 years ago are out of jobs, the profession and the skill are different.

I understand completely what you mean, but I think the job title “SEO Manager” or whatever it be will not exist in a few short years. It will simply be merged into Internet Marketing/Marketing/Advertising, or just cease to exist.

With SEO…I think eventually we just WONT NEED to do SEO period. The rankings will get advanced enough to be able to rank websites without us needing to do all this “optimization”.

My point being there will be a point where their is no room to “expand” with SEO as it will just cease to exist. Simply put, we wont need to optimize sites for search because the search will run it all itself (theory)

SEO is great right now to do free-lance or part-time, but don’t make a career out of it. Or you will find yourself WITHOUT a career in a few years. Web Design is broad, Web Development is broad. Those two fields are broad enough to grow and expand in.


Sounds like we agree on the idea but not the semantics. I’ve had many people work for me who did “SEO” initially then took on paid search which morphed to include all text ads and even back into display advertising. The terms change, the skills are based on the same idea.

Someone who calls themselves an SEO marketer, or has a job role as such, is a marketer who today focuses and knows SEO much as a PHP Programmer is a programmer who does PHP right now. The tools change over time but marketing optimization is far older than programming and neither show any signs of going out of style in this era.

The question is which to pursue a career / job in.

I think, every career sector has lots of possibilities to grow, It is all about interest of particular where he feel working as a fun. I have experienced that when doing work for anything (career sector) you feel as fun it makes you excellent in that, and once you tend towards excellency there is nothing which can you make worried. I think it gives job satisfaction, peace and best chances to grow up. You decide where you have great interest, where your feeling gets associated with your work and then why not you decide the same?