Which is the best web hosting company in india?

Hello friends,

I have design a website & now I want to upload that into a server but I dont know any web hosting company in India (Hyderabad). Please help me to select that, I need service should be good & space should be unlimited.


Finding a host that offers you “unlimited” isn’t an option, no host will be able to offer that.

Its used as an advertising gimmick, however, if you try to use “unlimited” space you will soon find your host asking you to upgrade your package to a more suitable one / change / find a new host.

You would be better working out what budget you want to spend on a host and what features you require and going from there.

I like bigrock.in most times. You can also try it.

Unlimited disk space is nothing but just a sale booster, Hostcats.com have servers in Hyderabad. We have servers with Cyberls.com, they provide shared services to Indian clients in different brand name spaceforlinux.com but not sure about hosting from Indian DC.

If you were looking for VPS then you can go with Ctrls.com.