Which Is the Best Way to Make back-link In SEO

Every One Can suggest me how to make quality back-link in seo. I am trying many activity but i want powerful method for make back-link.

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You have posted your question in the #social-media forum, so I presume you’re asking about links from social media sites.

The answer is that you’re wasting your time trying to get links by this method. Most social media and other reputable sites mark user-submitted links as nofollow (as we do here), in accordance with Google’s guidelines. Even where this is not the case, links which you create yourself are regarded by search engines as all but worthless, and creating links with the intention of manipulating ranking is against their guidelines and may result in your site being penalised.




The only links of value in SEO are those you earn, by having high-quality content others will choose to link to.


Which is not to say that social media can’t be extremely valuable to your SEO ‘worth’ - just not via you creating the links. Once you create that high-quality content, get the word out via social media so that others will see it and link to it.



The best method of getting quality back links according to me is guest posting. Create powerful content and pitch it to top publishers with high domain authority, and which are relevant to your niche. This practice proves to be the best one if you want good back links. Make sure they provide do-follow links.

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Why would you want to give great content to another site? Wouldn’t it be better to post that content on your own site, where you will be the one to gain the visitors who want to read it? I’d have thought quality content was more beneficial than a single backlink, in terms of SEO.

This does not add up as Google’s guidelines say that such links should be marked as nofollow.

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Yes, posting awesome content on your own website is very beneficial. But, what I have found is that activities like guest posting on high DA sites gives great exposure and brings good amount of traffic if you link it back to your site. This method is quicker than posting content on your own site, promoting it and hoping to generate relevant traffic. This task is time taking.

Nonetheless, both methods are recommended. There’s no doubt about posting really good content on your own site and gaining visitors.

Do follow links have higher value than no follow links. Why not try for that first?

… and a good amount of bouncing and clickthrough because you’ve managed to ignore the PURPOSE of a website for the sake of “hey look i’ve got google pagerank”.

If a user hits your website because of all your fancy spamming on random websites that fail to mark your spam as nofollow, and your content is junk, what you’ve done is waste the user’s time, and leave a negative impression about your site in the user’s mind.

Yup, you’ll have higher traffic. Until your website name starts getting an immediate reaction of ‘oh that site, thats garbage, ignore’, and your traffic crashes again, unable to capture a steady audience.

Content is always more important. Backlinking from a high DA site should also be getting you absolutely nothing as far as pagerank goes, because as has been pointed out, those sites will be using nofollow links, meaning the ONLY benefit will be getting people to actually READ the content… which… you havent put any effort into.

S’why this forum has been globally nofollow for a decade (or more? lost track of time). There’s no benefit for spammers to keep spamming links to their sites here, because it gets them nothing.


This is exactly what I have been saying, that good content is important. VERY.
Be it on your own site, or posting it somewhere else, it is the quality of content that matters. Also, I didn’t mention posting on “random sites”. I’m talking about good publications and stuff that are related to one’s niche. Which also clarifies that there won’t be any higher bounce rate, as long as you are publishing where your audience lies.

P.S. I never support posting “junk content” anywhere just for some mere back links.

In my opinion the best way is to build good relationships with webmasters of targeted websites as well as bloggers, so then you can even build free backlinks.

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Guest posting is good when you have great and quality content and the process is so long to get approve by admin. This takes some time too. But ultimately its vert useful.

I believe to post content own site and start off page activities and spread on social media. I am posting my content on my social media network. I am getting 50 > reach of each post. This is very low but getting 2-3 click from each site…If you do it regularly then you get extra click from social media.

Not a single social media give you no follow links. Do not fall in love with only DO FOLLOW LINKS.

Best way to get back-link in SEO is start guest posting in Do follow websites and Forums.

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