Which is suitable for my requirements, Dojo, GWT or what

Hi everyone,

I have been asked to develop an existing mini ERP application from scratch because of the problems in previous implementation. I will most likely to use the same tool I choose here for an internal custom mail system (workflows etc) later.

  • Previous implementation has used .NET aspx + MS-SQL + Ajax (jQuery, …). Users experience interface instability (script hangs, slow response to actions which require server side connections, …).

I am now expected to rewrite the application in a way that those problems are avoided.

  • I have decided to use PHP+MySQL for the back-end because my experience shows they are faster and cheaper (server and maintenance costs) than previous tools.

  • I need a very stable toolkit which will almost guarantee previous script problems won’t repeat. We have Dojo which is adopted by Zend and many others and we have GWT which seems to be very stable and ironed out (like every online Google applications).

Should I use dojo, GWT (the GwtPHP port) or what other toolkit?

I will appreciate a short discussion on this (perhaps pros and cons or other toolbox suggestions).

I appreciate your time and help.


If you have experience with either of those libraries then I would suggest using the one you have the most experience with (it sounds like you might favour Dojo?).

Having said that, if you have more experience using jQuery, don’t exclude it because of a bad experience that was likely caused not by the library, but more likely by less than optimal (read: bad) coding.

If for example there is a lag between the client and the server, one could hardly blame JavaScript for being slow. Instead there could be some common causes to attribute this to (doing an AJAX request in a for loop anyone? Running the database server on an old 486?)