Which is better: Amazon or Shopify store?

I am planning to start my online store and I need to know which platform or online store is better and cheaper to get started? I hope you can comment on this and can you tell me the advantages and disadvantages of the 2 online store.

Google is your friend…

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I am not familiar with Shopify but as best as I can tell it is a way to create a website for selling stuff. As best as I can tell Amazon is not the same thing as Shopify. The article that Martyr2 posted a link to says you can use both Amazon and Shopify.

I think that it would be more reasonable to compare Shopify to Wix and many other sites that make it easy for people without experience developing websites to develop a website easily. The disadvantage of that is that if you need to switch to something else, either a different host or different software, then most of those services make it difficult to do that. They want to lock you into their services. If you use open-source software such as WordPress then it will be easier to convert your store to somewhere or something else when you need to. Or if you pay a professional to develop a site and they are professional and get the source code and you ensure you will be able to access and modify the website then that could be best. You are more likely to get what you pay for that way.

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If you are already selling on amazon, chances are you are using amazon shipping method or FBA. Whereas you would need to find your own shipping service if you were selling with shopify. shopify has monthly packages and also charge sellers 2% on their basic plans. You would also need to find ways to promote your products using ad campaigns. But it’s still way more easier to manage in comparison to having your own eCommerce website. But having your own website would eliminate commission fees charged by shopify and amazon.

You can start both if you have enough resources (money and people).

  • Amazon: The FBA model will support storage, shipping, and payment, your work is just selling and marketing products. However, the customer is still Amazon.
  • Shopify: You own almost everything, Shopify provides a sales platform and connects you with other payment and shipping solutions. You will take care of Marketing, Sales, and other fulfillment activities.

Once it’s grown big enough, Shopify may no longer be relevant, and you’ll need a better website.

The OP is no longer with us so it seems pointless in offering further advice on this. Thanks to all who contributed.