Which hosting provider should i choose for my Magento 2 Shop?

I am going to launch new Magento 2 shopping site, but it’s hard for me to find a proper Magento hosting providers. I have gone through several list and want your suggestions.

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@suthanalley67 I have removed the two sites you listed as it’s not clear what purpose they served given you are asking for suggestions. It looked rather like link dropping.

go with siteground or a2hosting

Why those two?

Simply naming hosts is of little help to anybody. Please explain why you recommend those two in particular. What experience do you have with those two hosts?


I am recommending those two because they provide Magento 2 hosting. They have magento optimised servers. Just select a perfect package according to your site need. They offers necessary features with their hosting packages and also latest php and mysql versions .

You can find more about on their websites.

Have you used either of them yourself?

Yes… I have tested them

OK - thanks for the clarification. That’s much more helpful to somebody trying to choose a host than simply a name.

I’m curious, what do you have to do to optimise a server for Magento?

I are using service at hawkhost

As the OP has never returned, it seems pointless to continue offering suggestions.

Thanks to those who contributed. Thread closed.