Which hard drive brand is best?

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I personally trust Seagate more, because they’re known to be quality hard drives, and the really sweet 5 year warranty period.

most of sp members choice is segate…
The brand is really very nice globally.

I had Seagate, WD, Samsung and IBM HDDs.

One this is sure, I’m never gonna buy IBM (Hitachi) dethstars again.
Seagate is usually faster and cheaper, but noisier.
Samsung are just cool (cold) nothing special otherwise.
WD green (are useless) and the black series are almost as fast as Seagate but depending on your luck can be very quiet.

I am using the Seagate Hard drive which is best then other hard drive.

I have to agree that the Seagate HDs are my preferred option.

Samsung and Maxtor are two of the leading brands are the ruling one’s in the market. Samsung has some issues with burn out but Maxtor is devoid of that issue.

which External harddisk is best is it western electricals or seagate i m gone buy in few days have pits and fall of both Thanks

i invested in a samsung F3 1GB to my new computer, and was so pleased with it that i got 5 more of it, so no i have two new computers where one has 4 F3 hdd, and another with 2 F3 hdd.

as i said earlier, i’ve only had great experiences with samsung disks - therefore i tried it. it’s so silent i can’t hear a sound from them.

most of my disks are now samsung disks, and i have only three WD, one seagate and 18 samsung disks.

Western Digital…

Really depends on your place and personal preference. I’ve had a seagate 80gb simply go bad before. Though it died gracefully. :stuck_out_tongue:

Then I got a 30gb maxtor for another pc that’s still running though its really damn slow.

Then i’ve had another 80gb seagate and another 80gb maxtor which are still quite running though the seagate seems to be slower than the 80gb maxtor. Just not sure if it’s the drive or it was simply a slower design.

Then i’ve had a new 200gb seagate for 1 year now and hasn’t gone bad yet. And a separate 500gb seagate that’s still chugging along.

Well I guess it depends on preference, availability and luck.

i’m also using WD and still not facing problem on it soo it might be goood too

I use segate hard disk from past 10 years and i didn’t face any kind of hard disk problems. so i suggest use Seagate or WD. One of us suggested samsung any one use it ?
i am buying a new harddisk so plz suggest me if samsung is better then i will go for that

I like Seagate other than all because it doesn,t give me any trouble till now

I personally think Western Digital are more study devices (I have some of both brands) however it doesn’t really make much difference, their all about the same :slight_smile:

Of the several brands of hard drive I have used the only ones that have failed on me have been Western Digital. I have had no trouble with Seagate drives and will actually be collecting a new 1500Gb Seagate drive next time I pass the computer store (got the email that they now have it ready for me to collect a few minutes ago).

I agree with Alex that the two brands are much the same. From what I can see the criteria for selecting between hard drives appears to be mostly a matter of price, speed, and capacity as all the major brands provide good quality drives making it difficult to choose based on quality.

One thing to bear in mind is the changes being made to the formatting of the newest hard drives which will have an impact for you if your running any OS that is XP or older.

@felgall, how old were the drives approx when they failed and had they been running near enough constantly?

I have had no issues with Seagate or WD drives over the past 8 years or so.

Seagate has died on me more than one time, last time i used Seagate it died after about a year (bought it because it got very good reviews). a chip melted under it and it was gone… so was ~200gb too… and over 7k of pictures i had taken. lucky i had backup of most of it, but about 2k of pictures was lost.

that was the last time i tried Seagate.

WD has not been any better to me. I do have a 15GB WD from 14 november 2000, which still works as a charm, but 2 new one has died the last 3 yrs, and another works, but has a SMART failure.

I have also tried IBM which has died, but only after several years. but i do not trust them. the only ones that has never died on me are my Samsung disks. i started to buy Samsung after getting tired of Seagate and WD failure, and after reading some good reviews on them at Toms Hardware. and these has never failed me, on any of my computers. (which i have 6 of at the time, not mentioning laptops)

Hard drives are always a gamble, regardless of who you get them from. Some batches you get with zero faults while another batch can be riddled with problems. Sometimes you are lucky…sometimes not. It also depends how the drives are transported and handled.