Which graphics tablet?

Hi Guys,

I just need opinions on which graphics tablet to invest in, its my first one and i don’t do really heavy stuff so its more for fun than anything so my budget is around £60

anyone know which is best to invest in?

I would go with a WACOM tablet, they really are the best ones, I’ve got a (now old) Grapphire3 however it’s done me well for years and their a good solid purchase :slight_smile:

in my price range i can only really go for a wacom bamboo right?
something like this one http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B002Q4U4AY/ref=asc_df_B002Q4U4AY529919?smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&tag=googlecouk06-21&linkCode=asn&creative=7974&creativeASIN=B002Q4U4AY

isit too small for graphics work? i use photoshop and also 3ds max would it be good to do stuff like digital paintings?

If it is your first, then a Bamboo is perfectly fine. Once you get used to it, like working with it, you should consider investing in one of the better ones such as Intuous. I’m using the Intuous and loving it.

Oh, and if you want to save more money, you can get second hand (3rd gen) at affordable prices.

Agreed, I saved up the money for an A5 sized model (so half the size of a piece of paper), that looks like an A6 (quarter of a size). It really depends on how you draw to what size you really need, I prefer a wider “wrist stroke” when I use the device because I’m less delicate with movements and prefer more detail within the scope. But most people can use something like that perfectly fine and can just alter the settings to make it meet their needs (in terms of sensitivity). I know plenty of people who are happy with the Bamboo. It really does depend on your drawing style to which size is best for your movement (in my experience) :slight_smile:

If your going to invest in Graphic Tablet, the best one fits on your needs is the genius EasyPen i405 the Specs would be 4” x 5.5” graphic tablet for painting & drawing it is good for newbie using graphic table.

it seems to be the same size as the wacom bamboos but one thing i love about the bamboo is thhat the pen doesnt require batteries :smiley:

right now im thinking of going with the wacom bamboo pen which is £50

anyone have this and know if its any good for drawing and can you show me examples of art work created with this?

i ordered the wacom bamboo pen yesterday, will let you know how we get along :stuck_out_tongue:

i was going to go for the wacom bamboo fun because they said those were more appropriate for creativity but then i figured they were the same spec as the wacom bamboos your just paying extra because it comes with adobe elements :eye: i have photoshop so no need to spend extra money :stuck_out_tongue:

yayy i got my wacom bamboo today :D:D i love it, mostly because its soo pretty and sleek looking :blush::blush:

its quite difficult to get used to, my handwriting sucks on it (: just been playing with it for about an hour

here is my first sketch for practice :stuck_out_tongue:

i love it so far :smiley:

mari, glad your enjoying the device we recommended, the sketch looks great, your a better artist than I am (my stick figure work is about as good as it gets)! :slight_smile: