Which framework would you recommend for mobile app development?

I am a 2nd year computer engineering student. I started learning Swift very recently with someone’s suggestion and I like it. And I decided to work in this field in the future.

At the same time, in order to learn better, I sent an e-mail to mobile development companies for internships this summer. In my e-mail, I said how much I wanted to learn the technologies they use until my internship starts (I have 1.5-2 months until my 20-day internship starts).

One company confirmed but they said they are using cross-platform.

The second company also called to their offices tomorrow. (it says they use flutter)

As someone who doesn’t even know native, it looks like I’m going to start learning cross-platform and I don’t know what to learn and what steps to take.

Yes, Flutter is a best framework to get started with the cross-platform mobile app development. But you must have basic knowledge of coding.

Since you mentioned that one of the companies uses a cross-platform framework, it’s important to understand what it is and how it differs from native app development. Cross-platform frameworks allow developers to write code once and deploy it across multiple platforms, such as iOS and Android, rather than developing separate apps for each platform.

So first think about whether you should go with native app development or cross-platform app development.


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Thank you very much for writing your opinion.
I was very indecisive yesterday and asked this question on several different platforms. and i got no answer! (even they deleted my question from stack exchange :D)

I did my research yesterday and talked to the companies today.
And I would love to update it.

The first company said they would support me in any language I would choose. (that’s good news)
It wasn’t a problem for them that I was a beginner.
They told me that cross-platform is preferred over swift. And they suggested it.

I also talked to the second company. They were using Flutter, they suggested.
But I guess they won’t accept me because the first company would give me a project of my own, but this company is a bigger company and will allow me to take part in their own projects. That’s why they’re looking for someone with more knowledge than a beginner.

Since I was using apple products, I was impressed by apple communities and events like wwdc, and moreover, I wanted to learn swift. But now it seems more logical to learn flutter.

Please forgive my inexperience in this shallow thought that I know does not make sense logically, but I feel like I am switching from using apple to samsung as a feeling with the decision to learn flutter.

I also want to compare in terms of job opportunities. For example, are companies that accept native iOS developers in a city relatively larger? This, in turn, will increase competition.

You know, you could always learn both. I know it sounds a bit difficult, but sometimes when you pair up the same idea with two different approaches you can learn twice as fast. For instance, you learn something like how to open a modal box in flutter, then perhaps see how you do it in swift. Sometimes you will find the process is very similar.

Obviously still choose your primary framework, but if you tag along a similar framework as you are learning you can often learn both. One to mastery (your primary framework) and the second framework to a “working knowledge” level.


I also think that Flutter is the best framework.

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