Which course is the best to gain certification for Accessbility?

Which course is the best to gain official certification for Accessibility?

who’s doing the certification?

I recommend looking at IAAP. They have various certifications. I (until recently, since it expired) was CPACC certified. That’s a great one to get (and gives broad accessibility knowledge). Or for more developer-oriented accessibility, they have the WAS (Web accessibility specialist)

Just pointing you in the right direction here.

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Thank you for the message!

For official accessibility certification, consider these options:

  1. Deque University’s CPWA Program: Comprehensive and recognized.
  2. IAAP Certification: Offers CPACC and WAS certifications.
  3. WAI Training: Provides strong foundational knowledge.
  4. University Programs: Offers specialized courses and workshops.

Information page for the IAAP certifications incl. preparation resources.

Check out the body of knowledge.

Free courses web a11y courses are available via W3C (edx.org), Microsoft Learn, Web.dev and Google (e.g. via udacity). Some offer also a certification, but not something as official as the IAAP certifications.

Are good listing of 12 courses incl. the mentioned ones from above: https://www.classcentral.com/report/best-web-accessibility-courses/

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