Which consulting firms pay the best?

Does anybody know which IT consulting firm pays it consultant the most? What percentage of bill rate do they pay?

Are you talking about the big consulting firms, i.e. Accenture/IBM? The don’t pay by percentage of billing rate, they have a pretty complicated billing structure with all sorts of internal rates, blended rates, rack rates, etc. It’s pretty confusing, and their margins seem huge at first glance but they have so much overhead it’s crazy.

If you are considering going into a big firm (which can be very good idea depending on your career strategy) you should really try to assess the opportunities for how much benefit they will bring to your career rather than just pay. At a place like IBM you won’t earn much as a junior, but you might get exposed to lots of things that you wouldn’t be otherwise, and get tons of training, etc.

If you are more senior, you can look at the firms as a fit for your skillset. The more work they have in your area, the more you’ll ultimately earn.

Thanks for the input, do you have exp with firms that pay the most, that you could even recommend?

What kind of work do you do?

Like most people, I’ve got a few different skills, but what I’m looking for is the top consulting firms to run with projects with. Does anyone have experience with firms that they would recommend?

hi ITGuy,

As an IT guy, you understand how broad the IT world is. So, it’s hard to know which consulting firm would be best without having a little understanding of what you do. As a rule, specialists earn more than generalists if you are in the development world so narrowing your focus is certainly a good idea.

thanks! Dave

Thanks Dave, I understand what you’re saying, not wanting to get that specific, just wanted to know if anyone has experience with consulting firms that pay well that they would recommend.

Can anyone help me?

I don’t see anything you could really be helped with asked yet. IT is a massive field covering many disciplines and as such who pays better will be relative to many factors such as what sort of “IT” you do [web development is not systems which is not apps which is not networking], where you live, even how you want to work.

If you can’t explain the general categories I highly doubt anyone can provide specific names.