Which browser is best for SEO?

Hi there,
Are you doing seo? So what is best browser for seo according to you?
I am using google chrome mostly. I want to know your choice.

SEO has nothing to do with the browser you use. It relates to how the search engines like Google view your site.

I am using Mozilla Firefox. It is very useful for me.I am using this browser because it is faster and safer than other browsers.
I am using it from three months and have found no problem with it yet.

All browser are good but I think Mozilla Firefox is a best and useful browser for SEO because it has many tools and add-ons that useful for SEO and very faster than other.
also prefer Google Chrome because Chrome provide me fast searching speed in SERPs than other browser.

I have to go for ralph.m’s answer here and say that the browser you use doesn’t have anything to do with SEO. If you’re looking for a browser with plug-ins that can help you with your SEO efforts, you can go for Firefox. There’s something about the browsers that’s very important in terms of the traffic that you’re going to generate, though. It’s the design. The design is a factor that can tell if a person will stay on your site or not. You have to make sure that your site looks good on most, if not all, of the browsers out there to make sure that your site’s visibility on the search results aren’t going to nothing.

We already have a running thread on browsers over here: http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?835920-Favorite-Web-Browser

No need to run two at the same time :slight_smile: