Where's the Gary Vaynerchuk thread?

Hey all,

I didn’t see a thread in here on Gary Vaynerchuk, just references made to him. Nor did I see any Seth Godin love for that matter, and the messages in his “Tribes” book couldn’t be more powerful than now. And if you combine that with the outline spelled out for you in “Crush It”, then hot damn… You’re in good shape :slight_smile:

Hopefully most of you have read Crush It!, since that book is a powerhouse (there’s no excuse to have not read it either since it’s so small and fluff-free, as is “Tribes”).

Just taking a few of the main ideas in there:

-High-Quality Content

You can go so far. Connecting with people, listening to them, caring about them… And pumping out more-than-amazing content. That’s what’s going to matter because thanks to social media, if you have all of these things, people are going to notice. And then they’re going to talk about you and tell their friends.

Drawing from the ideas in Crush It!, if you want to build a community, then it’s not going to come to you. Your hard work, great content, and caring about the people you connect with is what’s going to build that community, that Tribe (as Seth Godin puts it) of listeners and followers. And also connecting with as many people as you possibly can.

With the current state of social Media, I really do think you need to be transparent and accessible. And if people start implementing more of these ideas, I think it will go a long way…

Any Gary V fans in here?

(Raises hand)

Did you know we just interviewed Gary V. on the SitePoint Podcast?

haha yeah i just saw that after I posted this thread…

…and was pleasantly surprised to find out his deal was a 10-book contract?

How awesome can you get?

I’m definitely thinking everyone should check out that interview too, it’s pretty solid.


There’s also another great interview with him on Mixergy.com - worth checking out.

Since it’s relevant and non-commercial, I’m going to drop a YouTube link I think everyone interested should check out:

It’s Gary from the Web 2.0 Expo, covering branding on the social platforms. Great stuff, I’m telling ya.

It’s really motivational too. It’s going to make you want to get up and do something…

I would agree with the high quality content, because afterwhile, people and search engines will know if you are genuine with your articles or just another number in the masses…

I finished the audiobook of Crush It! this morning and loved it. Gary pretty much lays out a fool-proof strategy for capitalizing on social media. So much so that one of my thoughts was: “hmmm, I hope none of my direct competitors gets this book/audiobook.” Of course, being an abundant thinker, I wish everyone well… but let’s face it, how many people will really put in the hours Gary talks about in the book? Which reminds me, I loved his quote about sitting in front of the computer until your eyes bleed!

I agree. Quality content will differentiate.