Where to upload .xml in WP

hey folks,
i m trying to figure out where to upload my xml file i created for using it as a RSS. i m using wordpress. anyone got any idea?

Usually the root directory of your wordpress installation, or in an “rss” or “feed” subdirectory.

Wordpress has a built-in RSS feed generator, so you don’t necessarily need to create your own manually.

As Force Flow says, WP has its own way to create RSS feeds. You can find the files under the wp-includes directory. All the files start with the name feed. There are several of them because WP create feeds for Atom, RSS and RSS2.

Yet, it doesn’t use a XML file but PHP which will create the file on the fly.

Look at them to make sure that your own feed is adapted.

Also, this article may be of help.

How to Create a Custom RSS Feed in WordPress in 12 Lines of Code | Denver SEO Blog