Where to put Field Requirements on Form

Any suggestions where to put Field Requirements on my Form?

I just added a new field, Username, and want to let Users know it must be 8-30 characters in advance.

Here is my Form…

After the User submits the Form, I display Data Validation Errors in red to the right of each field like this…

I was thinking of just adding a note to the right of the Username label like this…

Username: (Must be 8-30 characters)

What do you think?


P.S. For the Password Requirements, I think the “Post-It Note” look works well, but for things like the Username, it is overkill.

That’s what I would do. It’s the clearest and most accessible option that I can think of.

Here is what I decided to do…

How does that look?


Looks OK to me, except I would lose the period and the capital M.

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Ralph is my new Punctuation Nemesis… :lol:


Off Topic:

I’m everyone’s punctuation Nemesis. :smiley:


Ha ha.[/ot]