Where to get a Master's Degree in Web Design (ONLINE ONLY)

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I’m a French Web designer with +12 years experience in Web Design and Web programming, all self-taught both in Web agencies and as a freelance Web Designer as well.

I absolutely need to get a Master’s Degree in the field for some reason.

The problem is that I would like to do it exclusively online.

Unfortunately, no french universities provide Master’s Degrees exclusively online.

So, would you know about a university who could provide such a service whatever the country?

Of course, the diploma must be recognized anywhere in the world (especially in Japan since I’m trying to emigrate there)

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

There are various universities in US that provide online grades. The thing is that I, being Spaniard and living on the other side the pond, wouldn’t be able to know which one could be a good choice. I haven’t got a clue which University has a good reputation and which one doesn’t. Still, it may be a good thing to check the most famous and well considered and see what they offer.

As an example, Harvard has a diploma for web technologies that can be completed online…

Thanks Molona :slight_smile:

Yeah, I guess I will have to contact universities one by one.
I’ve found one in the US from the University of Denver but it costs an arm : $24,336

Unfortunately, I can’t spend more than $6,000 on this :frowning:
Also, I can’t afford spending more than one year on such a thing.

Well, if you have any degree (even if it is not in the field) it may lower the number of hours you have to dedicate and therefore may be cheaper :slight_smile:

Ouch… American universities are expensive. I remember my degree and masters combined cost me (cough cough my dad) no more than 5K, but those were in the good old days :slight_smile: before UK universities were asking for 3K per year for EC nationals.

My advice is to look at the following Online Degree: Internet Systems by Liverpool University. They seam to be cheaper if you’re a UK or EU national as the EU pays for some of your fees, otherwise it’s 10K+ a year. So if you’re based in Asia or US you’d be subjective to those pricing structures.

Why do you need a masters degree?

I’d also like to know - why do you have to get a masters?
There are a lot of programs in the US for web design and development. There are a few masters programs but, there are also more inexpensive certifications and diplomas that will teach you more. Online college is a great choice for someone that is older and people who work. However, make sure you do you research when choosing a school. Check out this article about accreditation facts for online degrees to get some insight. It can hurt you more than help you to take time to get a degree that means nothing. Good luck in your educational pursuits!

Do not worry sleidia if no french universities offering Master’s Degrees exclusively online so you can do it from any other well known university i have another friend who is also pursuing online masters degree. AboutOnlineDegrees.org