Where to find the button image

I’m looking at the page code to determine how I can find the button image.
Does this code (below) create a standard button image or is this the button link or would it be elsewhere in the code?


<input type="submit" name="continue" value="Continue" style="margin:7px 0" rel="gb_page_center[600, 635] ">

No, the code you showed will output just a generic submit button background, probably set in a CSS file such as if markup would be…

<div class=“container”><input type=“submit” /></div>, the CSS for applying a background would be something like: .container INPUT[type=“submit”] { background: url(‘pathtoimage.gif’) no-repeat center center; }

A note for the sample above:
INPUT[type=“submit”] - this will not work in IE6 (you will need a class for the input)

But there is also a case where the background could be set via JavaScript… It would be easier to answer your question if you can provide the URL. Post it and I will be happy to look at it further.

Please mention what are you trying to achieve.
AFAIK, you are using GreyBox popup for your submit button (which is non-image one).
In order to convert this button to image just change type=“image” and add src=“source to image”.