Where to find a copyrighted music?

Hi everybody,

I have couple of flash animations on my web pages and I want to add music to them. May be I need a composer or a DJ :slight_smile:

Do you know who offers such service?

Thanks for any tipps

Try a google search for ‘royalty free audio’ - plenty of sites offering this

I use Magix MusicMaker http://www.magix.com/gb/music-maker/ to quickly create background music or sound effects for product videos, tutorials etc.

Music experts might shudder at this recommendation, but it does what it says on the tin and the results are quick and workmanlike if you use it sensibly.

You can control the process yourself. Alternatively (and here music experts will be banging their heads on the floor in horror :headbang:) you can choose Music Genre and Duration required, press one button and it will ‘compose’ something for you in a few seconds! Don’t groan too loudly - for many projects this is quite good enough.

Basically, owning this program means you can instantly generate professional sounding ‘original’ music tracks without usage restrictions (in the context of website design), quickly and economically.


thanks a lot!