Where to build client site

Hello -

I want to get going building a site for a friend - but don’t yet have access to their admin.

Site will be a WordPress site - with divi theme.

How/Where can I build the site for now? My site is wp/Divi … can I build it on my site without interrupting my own site?

And once I have access to their existing site, how can I integrate and build a new site on their current domain with interrupting their current site - particularly if they aren’t currently using WP. etc

Thanks for all tips and suggestions and apologize for the newbie content.

I build on a localhost on my PC and use “Duplicator” a Wordpress plugin to upload the site onto the live server.


Thanks, Rubble.

Im on a mac – make a difference?

And if use a local host does all the functionality of WP behave the same?

What does that mean? Is it local or is it in a shared hosting host or do you mean something else?

I don’t know what that means. It is so vague that I can’t be sure what is being said. Saying both new site and current site in the question is one cause of confusion.

Did you mean without interrupting their current site?

You don’t say whether the existing site uses WordPress.

If you are using any part of the existing website then I am not sure if you will copy and paste from the existing website; that is an important descision.

I am not a mac user but thought it had a localhost built in already?

I doubt there will be any problems as I have done it a couple of times both ways on a Windows computer. From the server to the PC and from the PC to the server.

I installed Wordpress and duplicator on the PC.
Setup the site locally including the database
Made a copy of the site locally
Installed Wordpress and duplicator on the server with an empty database as normal on the server
Uploaded the local site.

It is a bit daunting but if it goes wrong you can just delete and start again. There could be a problem if there is a lot of difference between your server and local software versions.

There are quite a few tutorials around.

You should be able to run the sites side by side until you were happy. From memory I had two Wordpress sites running at the same time ( different database names ) so the owner could view the new one before I deleted the old.

I forgot to say it will be exactly like the site online as long as you have the same Wordpress versions.

You can always give it a try locally and see how it goes.


I use for site creating - WIX and Wordpress plugins