Where To Access & Edit This Text In My WP-Admin?

It’s been so long since I had help to initially build this page:
http://www.danscartoons.com/petroleum-oil-cartoon-10 and wondering how to edit this text: Get any petroleum or oil related cartoon humor for your next print or digital endeavor.Etc. Just below that yellow/red-bordered bar…forgive me, it’s not like riding a bicycle!

I don’t see the text you’re referring to at that link.

Hi Jeffrey:

See the image? The gagline underneath: “What’s your oipinion of all this paperwork, boss?” - Just under that should appear a yeallow banner: ‘Petroleum Oil Cartoon10’ - just underneath that, starts text reading: "Thank you for checking out Petroleum Oil Cartoon 10

Petroleum Oil Cartoon 10 and others throughout the gallery below including additional Etc."
And wondering where in my WP-admin I would go to edit that…hope you can see it? Thank you.

Yeah, I was looking for the text you had written in your original post.

OK. So, it looks to me like that front page content there is a Post (Go to the admin area, click posts) entitled “Petroleum Oil Cartoon 10” - you should be able to edit the copy there, in the Wordpress backend.

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