Where should I create my LLC?

I’ve been researching my options on creating an LLC.

We are creating an internet based business to create web apps, mobile apps, Text SMS marketing, business reputation management and social media management at an affordable price.

So here is the issue I currently live in CT, but we plan to move in 5 years to NC.

We see the tax advantage in Wyoming,South Dakota.I also like the privacy aspect of these states.I’m concerned about nexus and the definition of doing business in a state especially CT. I’ve also looked the options of moving the business in 5 years and that is a real pain. I’m not really interested in paying 2x the taxes for 5 years.

I can also create a bank account online so maybe that would help avoid the doing business issue.

I’m leaning toward south Dakota or Wyoming to create my LLC but only if it’s legal.

I also want to reduce the amount of paperwork and maintaining my business entity.

We also own a home in NC so I think NC is probably a better choice but do not have the same tax incentives?
I’m really struggling to make a good decision.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
I’m just trying to make the right decision and do not want to cause us any legal issues.

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