Where is this paragraph getting its font styling from?

https://www.posweyb.net/ In the paragraph on the right, below the slideshow. Where is it getting its font size from? When I inspect it, except for the “font-size: 100%” from reset.css line 12,"
everything seems to be lined out. Thanks in advance for your help!

I think you answered the question yourself. The font-size is set to 100% in the reset. That is what Inspect is telling you.


The reset is setting the paragraph font-size to 100% as you noticed but in essence that makes no difference because the paragraph would have inherited the font size from its parent anyway.

The paragraph is 14px which is inherited from the body element where you set it at 14px.

I notice you seem t be including the reset twice. Once in a reset.css and once in main.css. You don’t want to include the same rules twice. Also note that a reset stylesheet should be first in sequence otherwise you may have trouble resetting the properties when you need them.


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