Where is this Entity coming from


I get data from a database (Not mine) which I need to display in the browser. There is already a website which is using this data so I can compare their and my output.

This data contains a HTML entity.

which for me should be a linefeed. But the browser is interpreting it as a space.
On the original page there it is interpreted correctly as linefeed.

So what am I missing?

(When my brain wakes up properly)

Is the linefeed followed by an odd byte? It may be chewing through a secondary character and mangling it into a space as some sort of Unicode-miss…

That said… sounds like the database entry contains bad characters and should be scrubbed upon receipt for a LF2BR sort of code.

Boo on the person that encoded the database entry to HTML Entity the line break. :stuck_out_tongue:

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