Where is the problem to redirect to my site?

When I make a baclink for my site many website can not redirect to my site. I dont know where is the problem. My domain name is not english language. can any one help me. <snip />

What do you mean by “can not redirect”? That the backlink doesn’t work? Or that those site don’t want to publish a link back to your site?

share me your URL…so that I can check it thoroughly…

No ofense :shifty: but…

First, we do not allow self-promotion.

Second, I do not see a valid reason to allow him to post the link (which would be one of the exceptions to the rule). His backlinks are not working (I’m guessing) but his site is OK.

Third, he has not given further explanation of what he meant and he has never come back

And fourth and last, this thread has been dormant for more than one month. We don’t resurrect threads furthermore when the original poster has not returned. and for this reason, I’m closing it. :slight_smile:

PS: Read the faqs and manual :wink: