Where in my AOL Inbox do I specify I want to insert HTML and not text?

I’m composing an AOL e-mail and I want to insert/copy/paste HTML code into it (the HTML code is a “mini-webpage” I’ve previously created using tables, etc). I can’t, for the life of me, find where the button or selection is for this on the AOL inbox/compose mail page. In Hotmail, I simply select “Edit in HTML”, but in AOL I don’t see the equivalent. Does anyone know how to do this?

I don’t know AOL, but is there a button mentioning “Rich Text”? That’s sometimes used as a term meaning “HTML email”.

Hi Stomme,

Thanks for your response. Yes, in Hotmail you click on “Rich text”, and then in the drop-down you select “Edit in HTML”. Unfortunately, as of yet, I haven’t been able to find a comparable option in AOL.

I have the same question. I also tried posting it here but did not hear back yet. http://www.emailquestions.com/email-newsletters/3956-do-i-insert-html-code-aol-email.html Can you tell me how to insert HTML when sending an email from AOL? This should be a simple thing to do.

Pasting HTML isn’t the problem; the probem is getting AOL to send the mail in the text/html MIME type, instead of text/plain.

Any Americans shed some light on how to do this?

Not all email clients have this facility, so it may simply not be there. Some browsers let you do this, such as Safari. You can also use Outlook to send HTML emails, and also Thunderbird, which is free.