Where do you go first online?

What is the first thing you do online?:goof:

First of all i check gmail and check my mail.

Usually Gmail and Facebook are already open. Whenever I open a new tab with no idea where to go, I default to an NBA news site like RealGM.

Chess, read what’s new and play online sometimes. Also checked on my favorite NBA team which was the Miami Heat.

check me emails both gmail and yahoo… then Facebook… :slight_smile:

check emails and reading news

My emails and social networking sites.

Open my mail and my Facebook accounts…

[FONT=“Georgia”]First thing as always, check e-mail.


Yep, pretty standard I guess:
Urgent work updates

Gmail, yahoo mail, check my blog, check my lady’s blog, facebook… after few hours, Im surfing on some strange site with content I usually have no interest, and I have no idea how did I came there in firs place:)

First of all Gmail and facebook.

For the past several weeks, the first place I’ve gone online is to the news of the miners.

And today, watching the extraction of the trapped Chilean miners today was a real mood lifter. And as I say, I’ve been following the story since it broke, and thrilled along with the rest of the world today at the miners’ safe rescue. Unprecedented.

Oh, and as for “market share,” I really did mean “the rest of the world.” Viewership of the rescue topped 1.2 BILLION people.

The bery first thing I do online I guess you can say is log into the msn messenger and click on my inbox button and head over to my email.

The very fist thing that I do, when I go Online is to check my mails on yahoo, and check messages on facebook.

Email, my forums (to check if it was flooded by spam bots), news websites (to see if the worlds has collapsed and I missed it) after that I randomly go to websites until I have my coffee then it’s work time!

Email > Twitter > SitePoint > Vimeo > LastFM > My own site

Email, facebook and newspaper :slight_smile:

check my Gmail & Ymail
Check my work Updates
read some news
& open the mp3raid because it’s nice to work when there’s a music.

oh and…
personal blog