Where do webhooks go on a Wordpress installation?

Hey everybody, it’s been a while but I’m back with a new doubt. Now bear with me for a moment because I’m not sure if I know exactly how to express what I want.

I understand what webhooks are and in fact I have built a few of them, getting data from a source and posting it somewhere else (that’s what webhooks are for, right?). The issue is, I have a Wordpress installation and I’ve been adding my webhooks in the wp-includes folder so the webhook URL looks like https://mywebsite.com/wp-includes/webhook.php.

So my first question is: in a Wordpress installation, is that the best way to place my webhooks? For years I’ve been thinking that’s some sort of hack, but I need a light.


Ps.: I also have a question about what exactly cronjobs are and how to execute them in my Wordpress installation, do you guys advise me to open a new thread?


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Yes :smiley:

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