Where can I create watermarks

For testing of my app I need to create several watermarks with given size, text, text color.
I have gimp 2.8 under ubuntu 18 ( but I am not very good with gimp ).
Are there some tools in ubuntu 18 for this or maybe online?


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Start learning Gimp.

This is what you need to know:

  • Learn layers. On a lower layer will be your image; on the upper layer will be your watermark.
  • Learn transparency. On the watermark layer make it transparent, perhaps to 10%.
  • Save as a template so you can insert different images in the bottom layer and retain the upper watermark, assuming you want the watermark to be the same each time.

You probably could install Imagemagick and that is a command line program. You can draw text over the image in different positions and with different options.

magick base_image -fill rgba(255,20,100,0.1) -pointsize 40 -gravity center -annotate +0+0 "Annotate" output_image

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I used for a long period the Amadine (it has so many tools, cheap and unterstandable).