Where are the Slugs for Navigation Links saved in the Database for Wordpress

I’m using Wordpress Version 4.4.2. I’ve got this link as one of my navigation links in my navigation menu:

http://www.mywebsite.com/?post_type=nav_menu_item&s=hello+how+are+you This link is neither a post nor page. It is merely a search query (observe the s= in the link) of a custom post type (observe the type=nav_menu_item in the link)

I want to find where in the MySql database is the slug hello+how+are+you found and edit it manually via a MySql query.

I ran the following query SELECT * FROM `wpxx_posts` WHERE `post_type` = 'nav_menu_item' and checked the post_name column. All I see are numbers. Are these numbers linked to some other table where I can see the actual slug hello+how+are+you?

Remember, my intention is to edit the slug manually using a MySql query.

Thanks for your advice.

Check the guid column in the posts table. That’s where the url seems to be stored.

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