Where are the more recent WordPress tutorials on Sitepoint?


I’m using a customized version of WordPress 6.0 at work, but I’m new to using this CMS and I’d like to really dig deeper into learning all of it. There several beginner and advanced courses here on SitePoint teaching WordPress, but I’m not sure how old they are without actually opening each course. I saw dated 2014, which is 9 years ago.

Can anyone recommend to me what are the more recent courses teaching WordPress?

Many thanks!

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Hi @toshiba11. Welcome to the SitePoint forums. :slight_smile:

There’s a lot more that’s more recent than 2014. There’s a Web Developer’s Guide to WP from 2020, which looks good to me.

There are various other resources from around 2018, like Tools and Skills and First Week with WP which looked like good places to start.

Quite an array of offerings, depending on what level you want to start at. :slight_smile:


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