Where are store the cart's items of this onlineshop?

Where are store the cart’s items of this online-shop?
Browsing this online shop www.officeworld.ch I can add items in the cart (Corbeille in French). When I browse the shop the previous selected items stay in my cart.

In this example I selected 3 items:

Papier pour la copie OFFICE WORLD, ID 1000037, Quantity 1x
Etiquettes OFFICE WORLD, ID 1280255, Quantity 1x
Papier pour la copie VariCopy, ID 13618800, Quantity 1x


  1. Where are saved/store the content of my cart? Maybe in some cookies.
  2. What values are saved? I guess: the item ID and the Quantity?
  3. How/Where to find those saved value (ID, Quantity)?
  4. What is the shop CMS used for this site (and where to find this information)?
  5. None cookie value contains one of the item ID. Does this mean the cart is note saved in cookies?

NOTE: saving the cart webpage (Ctrl+S in Firefox 24), I got some files. Only those 3 .JS files contain the string “document.cookie”: 10401.js, HeaderShifter.js, emstrack.js

Thanks and regards.

CONFIG: MS Windows 7 SP1, Firefox 24 + addon: Cookie manager.
Attached: Cart screenshot, cookies screenshot, webpage saved (Corbeille.zip)

The contents of the cart are probably being stored in a database table, possibly one of them cookies is a cart id. Do the items stay in there if you access the cart from another computer