Where are session variables stored

Assuming you are the server master, how can you tell where the session files are stored? Can you intervene, modify this session file?

Isn’t it in php.ini, session.save_path?

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Hello @duocroinhehehe. A title of Help me please isn;t very helpful to those who might consider helping. I have changed it to something more descriptive. I hope it describes your problem.


thank you very much ! I will learn from experience !

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The server master would probably start by scanning the php manual: http://php.net/manual/en/book.session.php

The thing they would need to understand is that there are several common approaches to storing sessions. You can store them on the file system, in the database or even in memory just to name a few.

At that point the server master would realize, like so many other things, that it depends.


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