When re-designing and wanting to optimize for SEO - what approach makes sense?

Hi Everyone,

Hopefully I’m not about to commit a cardinal sin here :slight_smile:

I’ve recently acquired a small SaaS start-up and one of the things that will be needed is a re-design of the logo, graphics and also the overall layout/content of the site. (I’ll be asking for reviews in another forum in the future based on the guidelines)

But as I’m thinking about re-designing, one of the questions I can’t seem to answer by researching has been whether or not taking the popular single-page website approach is going to make SEO harder, easier or if it really doesn’t have any great impact on it at all.

It’s probably a polarizing question - but any tips, online sources or similar that you can point me to so I can read up would be hugely appreciated!


Keep in mind that with big websites the inner link structure is very important for the search engines.