When developing a web app, how to make a documentation? How to plan the project?

Im a bit lost. I have taken the requirements from my client but they don’t completely describe the system.

After the requirements, what should I do? Flow charts? Er diagrams? Prototypes? Mockups? How to plan the project? What is the right method?

Don’t you have a system? If you need more information from your client, do a list of questions and don’t be afraid to ask them. It is better that you have everything clear than having doubts. If you have doubts, everything is going to be harder.

The second thing that I would do is a brief map of how the information will be organized… similar to a flow chart, if you want. This is where you plan and divide the works that need to be done to complete the job

One of the main keys of a great website is that information is easy to find and good organization is key for this (I know, many keys in the sentence but this is a key concept… that holds all the keys to success :p)

Once the information is in place and you know where everything will go, it is time to develop: Databases, backend scripting… and, if necessary, mockups of the site.

But that’s how I would do it. And my system doesn’t necessarily has to be your system.

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That is 99% of the case. Certainly, they can describe what functionality they would like but they wouldn’t know how that should be done in terms of Look & Feel and other low level details. The most effective way for them to get clear picture is to create the Mockups. If you are the only developer then I would not make ‘official’ requirements document because it will be more of a hassle to update. Example, you would have to change the Mock and change the documentation. In a way, Mock is a living requirement document that contains a lot more details. Example, the location of header, footer, menu, font style/size, colors, and etc… Unless your client knows what Flow/Er/etc… do not show it to them. Always expect that requirements will change and most of the time will be coming from the developer. Once you get a clear picture, you’ll suggest things that would make it better. In general, the success of the project mostly come from dedication of the customers. If you can have weekly status or demo with the clients will help tremendously. After the project is done, you can then write official documents so that future developer who wants to maintain can understand the design.

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Great thanks! I’ll follow your advice and see what’s the best system for me :slight_smile:

Thank :slight_smile: In my case, im the developer… Im still a freelancer :smiley:

Go through this section on this site carefully: http://www.sitepoint.com/business-marketing/ It should help you with your business, including processes.

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