When creating a table in Maria DB 'Truncated incorrect INTEGER value' error is generated even though there are no °c symbols in the cells

I am creating several tables for one big join, everything works except for one table which I cannot create. There is a column in one initial table that contained Integers of temperature in °C in each cell (e.g. 4 °C, 6°C etc. ). So what i did was that I got rid of °C symbol so that only Integers are left in this columns since I needed to avg the numbers etc. When I am creating a Select or a View everything works fine. But when I try to create a Table I am receiving following message:" SQL Error [1292] [22007]: (conn=41) Truncated incorrect INTEGER value: ‘4 °c’ ". And this is strange because I do not have any °C symbol in the cells next to the Integers. Therefore, I can create a view but I cannot create a table. Anyone can think of any reason? Please take a look of a View for that some guys helped me with on this forum here.

  CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW v_weather_data AS 
  	    CONVERT (REPLACE(w.temp, ' °c', ''), INT) AS 'daily_avg_temp_°c',
	    CONVERT (REPLACE(w.rain, ' mm', ''), DECIMAL) AS 'rainy_hours',
	    CONVERT (REPLACE(w.temp, ' km/h', ''), INT) AS 'max_wind_gust_km_h'
	   FROM countries c
	  	 	weather w 
	  	 	c.capital_city = w.city 
	  	 	w.city IS NOT NULL 
	  	 ORDER BY w.date DESC

The one thing that stands out as a possible error is this part.
Should it really be w.temp?


Of course that was the error! Thank you, I can’t believe I didn’t see it :slight_smile:
Now I can create a table as well!

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It happens when you are trying to debug.
You look at it so long you can’t see the wood for the trees. It just needs fresh eyes.


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