When click a text from my website, record into a txt file

Hello, I’ve been investigating and reading on how to capture actions from users in a website. And I just don’t need that much so I made this simple with php:

    $url = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
    $page = basename($url, ".php");
    $file = fopen("logs/$name.txt", "a") or die("Error");
    $timestamp = date("m-d-Y H:i:s");
    $action = "$timestamp user $useremail has visited $page.\n";
    fwrite($file, $action);

So the user loggings to webpage, and log is created or it just appends every page users goes into that log.

Now the thing is I have a section with some links to instructive lessons, and they are word and excels files, so user can read them online or just download them, etc.
I would also like to write on the same log what each user reads or downloads.

I’m guessing I need to use javascript? Or some sort of method to send that click to a small php script like before?

What should I read, investigate more to come up with a solution for what I want to do??

Thanks in advance.

Have you considered using an actual analytics package like Google Analytics or Matomo?

Also, for compliance with GDPR I would recommend against writing email addresses in a log. Use the user ID instead, as that can’t be tracked back to an individual person (if you don’t also have the user database of course).

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Also, don’t write the log to a file underneath the web root? Maybe?


I hadn’t even realized that :exploding_head: Yeah. That’s a bad idea for sure…

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I’m going to read about analytics right now, didn’t now you could do that. I’ts my first and only website, so I’m still learning, and it started really small as a simple form and now it looks more like a website. I’ts not that big but even so it hard to keep track sometimes of stuff, and now starting to use github, and I know theres other stuff besides php and html that I should learn to have a more functional website.

Thanks a lot for your advice guys, I’ll change the emails, for ids, and i won’t have them on the root. Maybe ill make a database for them just ids and actions.

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